Valentine's Wedding - Styled Shoot

When I got invited to participate in this styled shoot and saw the mood board that the photographers had in mind I just knew I needed to be part of it. It just can't get any more romantic than a Valentine's Wedding! The beauty of it is that it isn't just suitable for a Valentine's themed wedding, but the combination of colors makes it also perfect for a winter wedding. The mix of the berry colors, pinks and blush just immediately stands out and all the details put into this shoot just makes it magical! From little heart cupcakes, to red lips, dreamy lace wedding gown and blush jewelry, it all just came together creating this warm, vintage inspired wedding.


Valentine's Inspired Wedding Shoot in berry colors, pink and mustard.

This whole wedding shoot was an effort of many talented people and you can see it with the outcome. Every little detail was included and I'm still swooned about every single piece. Just see for yourself.

Isn't this the most romantic wedding ever? The colors, the details, the flowers, jewelry, dress just absolutely everything about this wedding shoot is perfect!

Please make sure to check out all the amazing vendors that made this glamorous wedding shoot happen!

Jewelry: Estylo Jewelry  
Venue: Rivermill Dover NH  
Photographer: Lauren Hanson  
Photographer: Jessica Feiden 
Calligraphy: Birch and Quill    
Stationary: Charley Paper Company  
Cake and Desserts: Three Sisters Cake Shop  
Hair/Makeup: Crown and Halo  
Garland Decor: Katherine Hallberg   
Dress, Tux, Bridal Accessories: Blush Bridal   
Model 1: Hailey Bonczar 
Model 2: Nico Belliardi
Florist: Alexa Gallishaw Florals   

Hope you liked the inspiration and feel free to comment with your favorite wedding colors and it might be next on the blog!




How To Get YOUR Favorite Valentine’s Day Gift

With only 1 week to go till Valentine’s Day I’m sure you’re wondering if this time he will guess what YOU want and get YOU that special jewelry you had your eyes on. But here is the fact, most likely he is completely clueless what to get you and when Valentine’s day arrives you will end up with something completely different to what you wanted. Sounds familiar? I thought so…that’s why I decided to help you this year in getting YOUR favorite gift.

How to get your favorite valentines gift


Now, before I share you a couple tricks, let me tell you: “men don’t read minds”. You already know that’s true, so don’t expect him to do so. He needs a bit of help and only you can point him to the right direction. But how, you think? Well here are some simple tricks:

1. While having your favorite jewelry website open on your phone (or tablet, laptop, etc.) tell him that you just found this gorgeous shop that sells this cute necklace and that it would look totally awesome on you. Make sure he is actually looking at it and paying attention!


(pssst…this one sold out during Christmas so you might want to hurry before it sells out again!)

2. Post on Instagram about this cute necklace you just found in this awesome jewelry shop. Try it out by downloading this picture and posting on your IG. Make sure to always tag and mention the shop so he doesn’t have to search and can get directly to it. Go on, try it now! (make sure to tag @estylojewelry)

3. If he doesn’t use Instagram, he probably does use Facebook, right? Well thankfully technology makes it easy to share on FB. If you want to try it out now just go to my shop, click on your favorite jewelry and you’ll see a little “Like” icon. Just click on it and it will share the picture of that item to your wall including a link, so all he needs to do when seeing it in his feed is to click on it and he’ll be ready to shop.

4. If he doesn’t get any of these clues then you might have to tell him directly what you want. I know you probably want it to be a surprise, so why not create a wish list? Just go to my shop and click on the jewelry you like, then click on the little heart to add to your favorites. That way he has several options to choose and you’ll still get something you like. Win – win, right?

Ok, I hope these simple tricks can help you get what you really wanted. If you do, then hit the contact button and let me know if it worked!